Exploring Horizontal Mergers in Swedish District Courts

Publication Chen, X., K. Kerstens, Q. Zhu (2021), Exploring Horizontal Mergers in Swedish District Courts Using Convex and Nonconvex Technologies: Usefulness of a Conservative Approach, Lille, IESEG School of Management (Working paper 2021-EQM-05), 30 pp.
Expertise mergers

Swedish district courts have undergone a major mergers and acquisitions program between 2000 and 2010 to centralize activity in larger and fewer courts.

The purpose of this contribution is to conduct an efficiency analysis of these courts to identify the eventual efficiency gains. Distinguishing mainly between technical and scale efficiency and determining the returns to scale of individual observations, we try to find the potential rationales behind this merger wave.

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We are to the best of our knowledge the first to combine traditional convex with nonconvex nonparametric frontier methods to calculate efficiency before and after the mergers.

It turns out that the nonconvex methods provide a more cogent ex post explanation of this merger wave.