The second workshop for COST Action 20131 entitled “Efficient Justice for All” was held on June 30 and July 2 in Porto, Portugal. It was a hybrid workshop, with the physical workshop itself being combined with a Management Committee meeting held on Zoom.

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Contents of the workshop

In the first year of the COST Action, we will focus heavily on establishing the economic framework that we will build on in the next three years for our comparative analysis of the efficiency of courts in the EU.

In the second of three workshops that we will host in that first year, we will discuss the progress made so far in terms of data collection for the inputs and outputs defined in the first workshop held in Maastricht, start to define what are the challenges to address when measuring the efficiency of the judiciary, and identify the possible production technologies for modelling the transformation of inputs into outputs. The focus of this workshop will be on the challenges and technology definition in courts. The workshop will involve knowledge sharing by two keynote speakers – Antonio Peyrache and Nuno Garoupa – and a hands-on experience, where subgroups will produce a document identifies possible technologies for assessing the efficiency of courts, given the available data discussed.

Therefore, in this second workshop, we especially need experience with assessing data on the judiciary and with technologies for modelling the transformation of inputs into outputs.